I’m blogging out of sequence since I haven’t blogged Trevor & Jim’s amazing wedding yet, but how could I not share their ALL WHITE Brunch first! So amazing! Of course, my second shooter, the fabulous Leah Latham, and I were asked to wear white as well, which was tough for this woman who wears all black every time I shoot. Leah and I did it though and boy, does she look great in a white linen suit. 0001_RC3A0848_corinnaraznikov_-2 0002_oceanedge2_corinnaraznikov_ 0003_oceanedge1_corinnaraznikov_ 0003_RC3A0945_corinnaraznikov_0007_oceanedge5_corinnaraznikov_ 0007_RC3A1079_corinnaraznikov_ 0008_oceanedge6_corinnaraznikov_ 0010_oceanedge8_corinnaraznikov_ 0004_RC3A1005_corinnaraznikov_ 0005_IMG_4691_corinnaraznikov_ 0005_ocanedge4_corinnaraznikov_ 0006_IMG_4704_corinnaraznikov_ 0006_oceanedge4_corinnaraznikov_ 0008_RC3A1200_corinnaraznikov_ 0009_oceanedge7_corinnaraznikov_ 0009_RC3A1215_corinnaraznikov_ 0010_RC3A1345_corinnaraznikov_0011_oceanedge9_corinnaraznikov_ 0013_oceanedge11_corinnaraznikov_ 0014_oceanedge12_corinnaraznikov_the following is my fabulous second shooter, Leah Latham, looking great in her white linen suit!0015_oceanedge13_corinnaraznikov_0001_IMG_4765_corinnaraznikov_

Florist : the amazing Karen Tadei from www.lilacsflorals.com

Venue: http://oceanedge.com