Back to blogging after a bit of a hiatus. Kristine and Jonathan had a really stunning event at the Four Seasons in Boston this October, thanks to the vision of this very creative bride and her gorgeous and talented mother, Madeliene who wore a dazzling St. John gown with Cartier bracelet and the most beautiful sculptural earings by local designer, Beth Miller.  I’ve often said that my brides and sometimes mother of the brides become muses to me and this was certainly the case here. I could have posted  hundreds of amazing photos here, but these will have to suffice!

The vendor team on this wedding were some of the best and brightest of Boston and it was an honor to work with such talented people. I would be remiss if I didn’t first mention the fabulous and organized Courtney from who kept it all together for me, for the bride, for everyone. Kudos Courtney! Next up in the vendor love though would be to the makeup and hair for this wedding. Dani Wagener has been my favorite Boston makeup artist for years. She never disappoints and she delivered me such a beautiful bride, but the newcomer (to me only!)  was the sensational hair guru, Verush! Yes, that’s right, he is so fabulous he only has one name. Verush Benitez is sooo talented and really Kristine’s hair was a masterpiece. His fabulous associate worked her magic on all the bridesmaids and they all looked stunning.

Kristine looked like a goddess in her Anna Maier Ulla-Maijaa dress, like a sculpture really. Mimosa Fresh Flower Design delivered the most beautiful bouquets to Kristine and all her girls and did a wonderful job on the great ballroom at the Four Seasons, with white orchids everywhere.  Boston Uplights did a beautiful job highlighting The Four Seasons Ballroom in tones of purple and lavendaer and highlighted Mimosa’s beautiful work.

The Four Seasons at Boston is such a special place and I have to say I’ve fallen in love with it more and more lately as I’ve discovered all the beautiful angles. I continually get fresh new pictures from this deceptively simply beautiful hotel. I think what I am saying is that I love my staircase photos for this Four Seasons Wedding and I LOVE the side rooms on the second floor! Such a hidden treasure, not to mention the beautiful brick and ornamental iron fence from 1836 that surrounds the Boston Common. I love that fence and it was so fun to have a first sight in front of it with all the city as our backdrop.

I had never seen an indoor ceremony at the Four Seasons and that was fun getting to see other rooms at this beautiful hotel. Joy Toll-Chandler led a very meaningful ceremony in the Four Seasons Governors Room. The Gilded Harps of Boston played beautifully during the ceremony and I really enjoyed seeing a Filipino ceremony where they wrapped a shawl around the bride and groom.  Family was so important at this wedding  and watching both very close knit families celebrating together and blending their different traditions was a treat.

District 21 really brought their A game and gave a tremendous performance, but one of the highlights was absolutely a surprise performance from a Filipino Youth Group doing a traditional Tinikling dance which involves tapping and beating bamboo poles on the ground coordinated with dancers stepping over and in between the poles. It was amazingly coordinated and   and the bride and groom joined in at the end. A hip hop break-dancing dance group showed up next and really got the crowd moving!

I also got to work with one of my favorite videographers EVER, Mike from! A kind, unobtrusive and talented videographer: a triple threat. Hire this man immediately! Kristine and Jonathan’s wedding video:

An extra big thank you to my awesome photo team, Leah Latham and Lisa Segal. You two are the “wind beneath my wings” and totally awesome photographers in your own right!

The theme for the day was exemplified by the awesome shoes the bride changed into for her second dress. Got to love both the classic red heeled Louboutin shoes, but even more so, the awesome “not basic’ shoes!


Here I am getting super creative and “not basic” doing the Annie Leibovitz homage where I set up a backdrop in one of the picture rooms to create a “frame within a frame: effect.


I also pulled out my old 4 x 5 Nagaoka camera as a prop and had some fun!  0002_fourseasons1_corinnaraznikov_ It all began here though:  0003_fourseasons2_corinnaraznikov_0004_fourseasons3_corinnaraznikov_0005_fourseasons4_corinnaraznikov_0006_fourseasons5_corinnaraznikov_0007_fourseasons6_corinnaraznikov_0002_RC3A4976_corinnaraznikov_0008_fourseasons7_corinnaraznikov_0002_fourseasons8_corinnaraznikov_0002_RC3A5489_corinnaraznikov_0003_fourseasons9_corinnaraznikov_0002_RC3A5807_corinnaraznikov_0002_RC3A5930_corinnaraznikov_0003_fourseasons11_corinnaraznikov_0005_Fourseasons13_corinnaraznikov_0002_fourseasons10_corinnaraznikov_0002_IMG_2262_corinnaraznikov_0002_RC3A6626_corinnaraznikov_0002_RC3A6894_corinnaraznikov_0009_0X6A9472_corinnaraznikov_0002_0X6A9176_corinnaraznikov_0003_0X6A9450_corinnaraznikov_0005_0X6A9459_corinnaraznikov_0007_0X6A9463_corinnaraznikov_0002_0X6A9733_corinnaraznikov_0003_IMG_3160_corinnaraznikov_0004_0X6A9760_corinnaraznikov_0005_0X6A9765_corinnaraznikov_0006_0X6A9781_corinnaraznikov_0007_0X6A9802_corinnaraznikov_0008_0X6A9842_corinnaraznikov_0009_RC3A7056_corinnaraznikov_0010_0X6A0115_corinnaraznikov_0011_0X6A0170_corinnaraznikov_0012_0X6A0250_corinnaraznikov_0013_0X6A0301_corinnaraznikov_0015_IMG_4251_corinnaraznikov_0016_0X6A0977_corinnaraznikov_0017_0X6A0979_corinnaraznikov_0018_0X6A1002_corinnaraznikov_Thank you so much to Kristine and Jonathan, Kristine’s gorgeous amazing mother, Madeliene, and both warm families for making our whole team feel so involved. It was a genuine pleasure to be there for Kristine and Jonathan’s big day!

Reception: Four Seasons Boston

Florist: Mimosa Fresh Flower Design

Coordinator: Marrero Events

Bride’s Dress: Anna Maier, Ulla Maija

Bride’s Mother’s Dress: St. John

Bride’s Mother’s Earings: Beth Miller

Makeup: Dani Wagener

Hairdresser: Verush

Videographer: Summer Wind Wedding Films

Invitations: Lynne Johnson, Inviting Company

Ceremony Musicians: The Gilded Harps of Boston

Rentals: Peterson Rentals

Lighting: Boston Uplights

Groom Preperation: The Art of Shaving, Newbury St., Boston

Officiant: Joy Toll-Chandler

Party Favors: Maple syrup from the groom’s own sugar house!