What the World Needs Now is Love:

I was asked recently if it was difficult for me as “a spiritual being having a human experience” to operate in the wedding industry. It was a big question with something behind it and it’s not that I haven’t asked myself this question before.

Let me answer this question by saying, “I think it’s difficult for all creative, spiritual beings to work and exist in any industry or business, because there are always aspects of it that don’t fit with one’s vision.” For me, my over riding vision is a world of love, joy and beauty (and I emphasize inner and intrinsic beauty, as well as external beauty since I think that’s what the questioner was referring to – this focus of the wedding industry and the beauty and fashion industry specifically focusing on exterior beauty). There are aspects of the wedding industry that are challenging, but mostly it’s an amazing place to exist on a number of different levels.
1. It’s an industry that supports a myriad of creative people from florists, to paper product designers. to fashion designers, to photographers, videographers, musicians, design professionals of all sorts, etc….I don’t need to tell all you creative geniuses out there about how difficult it is to operate in this world. Finding a business or industry that supports being creative is a challenge and the wedding industry is a huge supporter of a diverse group of people and businesses.
2.  Most weddings are a vision of Love, Joy and Beauty.  Crafts people, artists, musicians, designers of all sorts all working toward a vision of  joy, beauty and love is an amazing force for good in this world.
3. The primary focus of wedding is Love: the love between the two people getting married, but also the love of family and friends. When I am photographing weddings, I am not just focused on the bride and groom and their love for each other, but I am paying attention to the love from parent to child specifically, the parents of the bride and groom, as they help their child,the bride and groom,  onto this new stage of married life – whether the bride is 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 or more.  I am watching the love between siblings, grandparents, cousins, college friends, sorority sisters and fraternity brothers, etc…all of these kinds of love are celebrated on a wedding day.
4. I also see all the love that the vendors are putting out towards each specific wedding. They are sharing their love of flowers, and fabric and photography and paper and ink, and all the incredible things that go into making a one of a kind event. These vendors love what they do and they are sharing the love. The love of music, the love of joy, the love of flowers, the love of design, etc…
Yes, it is hard being in the wedding industry when it hyper focuses only on outer beauty, but that’s a perception, a choice to see it that way. I choose, as do so many of us in the wedding industry to focus my lens as a “spiritual being having a human experience” on all the inner beauty of the wedding and the overriding theme of everything, LOVE. Love is the answer.
With this post, I’d like to celebrate all the amazing vendors who made the Bliss Celebrations Guide 2018 happen and of course, specifically the @waterfireartcenter shoot I was involved in. Thank you to all the brides and groom and all the vendors for sharing your love. What the world needs now is Love.
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