I’m thrilled to announce that my art project, The Baby Project, has been permanently installed at The Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston,MA at the opening of the offices of The Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine.  It has been two years in the making and I’ve worked with several amazing people bringing the project to fruition. There were so many people that made this project happen, but the biggest most amazing help came from a woman I have admired for years, Estrellita Karsh. Mrs. Karsh is the widow of one of my biggest photographic heroes of all time, the renowned portrait photographer, Yosuf Karsh.  Mrs. Karsh met with me several times to discuss the project and to advise on framing of the project at the incredible frame shop in Boston, Stanhope Framers.

The Baby Project is comprised of over a dozen 30 x 40 and slightly smaller framed prints that celebrate the babies that are taken care of at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. I photographed the babies (some in the neo natal intensive unit) and their families over 2 days. I hope to continue the project as the babies grow older.

After Mrs. Karsh consulted on all the framed pieces with me, she asked her friend and colleague, Keith Crippen, the head designer at the MFA, to hang the work at the Brigham. It was truly my honor to have Estrellita Karsh and Keith Crippen hanging my work last Fall.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital has been named to the U.S. News & World Report Honor Roll of America’s Best Hospitals for the past 23 years, ranking sixth nationally this year. The Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine is led by the amazing Terrie Inder, MD, who envisioned a wall of babies from the Brigham and reached out to me.

I’ve posted some of the extraordinary images here, but please do visit the Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine at the Brigham to see the whole project. Some of the framed prints are also being permanently displayed at the Harvard Institute of Medicine.

0072_corinnaraznikov_untitled-1603_0072_corinnaraznikov_Brighamandwomens-5618_ 0072_corinnaraznikov_Brighamandwomens-6056_ 0072_corinnaraznikov_untitled-6355-Edit_ 0072_corinnaraznikov_untitled-6369_  0072_corinnaraznikov_untitled-0988-Edit_0073_corinnaraznikov_untitled-1181_ 0075_corinnaraznikov_Brighamandwomens-5823_ 0077_corinnaraznikov_untitled-6237_

The plaque they installed in front of the installation and some of the framed prints:0072_corinnaraznikov_thebabyproject_corinnaraznikov_0072_corinnaraznikov_babyproject2_ 0073_corinnaraznikov_babyproject3_ 0074_corinnaraznikov_babyproject4_

Estrellita Karsh, the widow of the renowned photographer, Yosuf Karsh, with me(!) framing the prints at Stanhope framers.



Keith Crippen, the head designer at the Museum of Fine Arts, hanging my work and Mrs. Karsh, Mr Crippen and Me while the installation is finished.

0072_corinnaraznikov_RC3A9243_ 0073_corinnaraznikov_RC3A9253-Edit_0075_corinnaraznikov_RC3A9271_Thank you to Mrs. Karsh for her support and friendship during this entire project. I learned so much from you.

There are so many people to thank for this project, that I”m not sure where to start. Robert Raymond, Senior architect on staff at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital for suggesting I would be a perfect fit for this project. Dr. Terrie Inder, MD for envisioning the project. All the support staff at the hospital and the nurses who led me around while I photographed and made introductions.  Paul Hughes who shepherded the project the entire way. Loretta Goudy who is a scheduling genius and made it all happen. Many thanks to Dr. Lise Johnson, Kathleen Hughes, Annie Penfield-Cyr, Keith Crippen, Mrs. Karsh and so many others.