I’ve been a long-time admirer of Jenn Christopher, her family and their work at www.seasidecrossfit.com.  They are a family that knows that while having a family requires teamwork, it also requires allowing each member of the family to be their own kind of beautiful.  Jenn also believes that “health is wealth” and is committed to keeping not only Southern New England Healthy, but is a role model for all of us to to be our best selves. We’ll be making one of our very special “family albums” celebrating the Christopher Family and are producing a wall display that Jenn and her family can continually walk by and remember their families core values of “Teamwork” ,  “Health is Wealth”,  and “Gratitude is the Secret to Happiness.”  and check out their slideshow! https://video214.com/play/sKliQKmLyMxozsVIWyAe0A/s/dark It was an honor to photograph this amazing mom and her incredible family. Thank you Jenn for all you bring to our community! #beyourownkindofbeautiful #healthiswealth #gratitudeisthesecrettohappiness