Yes, I am tooting my own horn, but I just “googled” myself to see what came up and there was a beautiful review by one of my most wonderful brides on this site of her wedding that I shot in the Dominican Repbulic last year. I had to post her. Thanks so much Debbie! You and Ben were unbelievably wonderful to work for.

Photographer-Corinna Raznikov A++++
Corinna Raznikov Photography
•This was a huge splurge and I’m so glad that I did this. I flew in the photographer that we hired for our engagement pictures to surprise Benny. He had NO idea that I was doing this. He is in love with her work so was absolutely floored when I surprised him.
•Corinna’s work is stunning, artistic, uniques, candid, and beautiful. She is truly truly talented. Her work is in so many magazines and everytime I saw it I instantly knew it was hers without even reading who the photographer was. She has her own style.
•The whole process was just fantastic. We really fell in love with her after our engagement pictures. She is so easy to work with, she makes you feel comfortable. She can tell when you are tired and will mix things up.
•From the moment she got to DR she was shooting because that is what she loves. We only paid for our wedding day but she just captured everything.
•Her mother also flew in to shoot with her and she was an absolute doll. She is a travel photographer so I’m sure her pics are going to be just as beautiful. I can’t believe she flew in from Cali for our wedding.
•Corinna is so professional but is super sweet about how she approaches your guests. She kept everything moving along without feeling pushy. She kept my BM’s on schedule.
•One of the best things she did for me was to create a schedule of the day with details and times. She really padded my schedule so I wasn’t stressed.
•Everyone loved working with her and commented on how hard she was working for us. She ran around a lot!
•We did not even notice her taking pictures of us a lot of the time.
•We felt like she was one of our guests…she was there with us over Thanksgiving so we wanted her to feel as though she was our guest.

Here’s the link to the actual review

and here’s the adorable couple in the “day after” shoot we did when we got back to Boston.