And now for something completely different!

We had our first backyard birthday party for Josephine’s 6th birthday last weekend.  We asked everyone to come as their favorite princess, knight, unicorn, or dragon on the invitation. Some adults totally rocked it. Meredith from Artisan Bakery made the most amazing “Unicorn wearing a dress” cake, along with a sensational “decorate your own cupcake” bar. It was a super big hit. Sarah Arguin from Sweet Tree Designs made the banner, hats, and stickers for the bubbles. I’m seriously trying to invent reasons I need to hire her again! Family Friend Jessica did the AWESOME facepainting!!!!

I took a whole bunch of pics getting ready at the beginning and then the photography petered out as the party took off. Wish there were more pics of the actual party, but it’s hard being the mom and the photographer at the same time. Sigh.

Vendor List:

Cake, Cupcake Decorating Bar and Crown/Wand Cookies – the uber fabulous Meredith from

Banner, Birthday Hats and Stickers for the Bubbles – the talented Sarah Arguin from

Linen and Table Rentals: pink tablecloth and tables from

Turquoise Tablecloths: I bought these linens from my favorite store in the whole world, The Ansel Gurney House If you are in Marion ever, you must go there! They have an amazing selection and you can have lunch overlooking their amazing garden.

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