From the second Kristine and I started planning this engagement shoot, I knew it was going to be special. We had a lot of locations to cover, but Kristine’s fabulous dad volunteered to be our chauffer and drove the three of us all over the city! So kind!

Kristine and Jonathan’s story began when Jonathan was working for the Red Sox and Kristine was attending the season opener.  They were friends first, but then finally realized they were meant to be together. It seemed appropriate to have one of our locations be at Yawkey Stadium to celebrate the place that brought them together. We chose our other locations to celebrate some of their other shared interests and to celebrate Boston, the town that fostered their friendship in the beginning and that they will get married in at the Four Seasons in  October. I can’t wait!

My favorite photo that shows that these are true “best friends”:
although I  love the Tiffany “homage” we started with though. We were inspired by all those great black and white Tiffany ads!


shooting around Yawkey Stadium to celebrate where it all began:

and then on to the waterfront for an incredible series of images:

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Thanks for a magical evening Kristine and Jonathan! Here’s to the another one in October…