July 01, 2014

Herreshoff Museum . Rehearsal Dinner . Bristol, RI .

Caroline and Tom had a rehearsal dinner I have to confess, I want to duplicate. Not that I could pull off the amazing bright orange dress. I also don’t have a fabulous sheet of blonde hair and legs that go on for miles, but that’s another story! However, it’s  no secret that our family loves sailing so I was thrilled at finally getting to photograph a rehearsal dinner at the Herreshoff Museum in Bristol, RI. Normally the clambakes they do there take place on the dock across the way, but because of the rain forecast the tables were all set up inside the actual museum with beautiful wooden boats all around us! I couldn’t imagine a better venue. Really, they should do the events inside the museum even when it’s a sunny day. It was just so perfect and authentic. To have their rehearsal dinner at such an interesting place was just a stroke of genius. All the guests enjoyed the boats and reading about the history while they chatted and enjoyed their oysters!

Next came an over the top wonderful regional ClamBake by Compton Clambakes. They run an amazing business and the clambake was  performance art as they described what the guests were about to eat and then had Caroline and Tom unveil the bake. They also were nice enough to give me two lobsters when I left that night (!) and my eight year old daughter and I had a feast when I got home. Best quote from Josephine that night, “Why don’t we have Lobster every night Mommy?”






Venue: www.herreshoff.org

Catering: http://comptonclambakes.com/

Coordinator: www.wendyjoblon.com

Florist: Sayles Livingston

I did a tiny sneak peak of their wedding here: http://corinnaraznikov.com/uncategorized/little-compton-ri-caroline-tom/, but tune in later for the big  wedding sneak peak!