July 23, 2014

Comic Book Theme E Session . Arnold Arboretum . Cambridge, MA

I love when a couple thinks outside the box for their engagement shoot! I also love how Paloma and Gabe celebrated who they are with their mutual love of comic books/graphic novels! I learned so much from them about the world of graphic novels and had a super time. After learning about how real men doread “My Little Pony” (they are called Bronies my 8 year old tells me!) and that MouseGuard would be a great book for my daughter, we bumped into a band dressed up as the Powere Rangers and hilarity ensued! What an amazing, different shoot! Thanks you two.I can’t wait for your Boston Public Library wedding where we can celebrate more books together!




Don’t you think Paloma totally rocks the Lisa Loeb look?0002_comicbookengagement-3