> What is required to reserve our wedding date?

A non refundable 50% retainer of the package price as well as a signed contract are required to secure your date. The final payment is due two weeks before the wedding

> What are the payment options?

Mastercard, Visa or check.

> How long after the wedding can we expect to see photos?

Corinna blogs or facebooks (with permission) a sneak peak of the wedding sometime during the first four weeks after the wedding takes place. For the entire collection of images to be uploaded to online viewing it can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks depending on high or low season. All of your high resolution images are available to you at that point and will either be shipped to you on a Flash Drive or a link to download will be sent to you.

> What are Photographers Favorites in the category listing?

These are Corinna’s favorite photos from the day and she has spent more time editing and retouching them in Lightroom.

> Will all of my photos be edited?

Yes, all your photographs are edited in terms of color, tone, and exposure.

> Will all of my photos be retouched?

No, only the images chosen for the album or for print will be retouched.

> How many photos do we receive?

It varies depending on how many hours have been booked. Most weddings can expect anywhere from 800 – 1,400 high resolution images.

> Do we need to provide meals for the photographers? What time is the best time to do this?

Yes, please. We often bring granola bars, but it is a very long day for us and we do appreciate being fed a warm meal (usually with the band). It’s actually important to feed your photographers at the exact time you and your guests are eating as that is the only time we do not want to be photographing you and your guests. If we are fed after you are done, we usually choose not to eat and power through since it will mean we might miss things. We take better pictures when we have fuel (especially at the end of the evening), so please plan accordingly.

> Do you bring a second photographer to the wedding?

Always. Corinna believes strongly that it takes two sets of eyes to documents a wedding properly. She normally starts with the bride and her second shooter starts with the groom. If the groom does not want coverage, the second shooter waits at the ceremony site, but still documents his beginning of the story. During the ceremony it’s great to have two photographers so they don’t have to move and distract guests, but still deliver two unique perspectives. During Formals, the second shooter is able to focus on details and society shots of the guests at cocktails, while Corinna handles the posed pictues.

> Do you bring backup gear?

Of course, and backup gear to my backup gear.

> Can you provide recommendations for other vendors?

Yes, absolutely! Please email me and I will produce lists of all my current favorite vendors in any category you wish!

> What happens if you break your leg or get horribly sick and are unable to photograph our wedding?

Corinna is a member of many national and local organizations and networking groups upon. If she were unable to photograph your wedding, it would be up to Corinna Raznikov Photography to call upon her resources and find you a replacement photographer in her style. We would assume any additional costs that were incurred if that happened. Being a wedding photographer sometimes requires you to be a bit of a super hero and Corinna has photographed weddings while sick, heavily medicated and no one has noticed.

> What happens if the wedding is canceled? Do we get our retainer back?

In the event that the wedding needs to be rescheduled, please call Corinna Raznikov Photography at your earliest available notice. She will work with you to find another date that is available. However, if your wedding is canceled, your retainer fee is non-refundable. You are not responsible for the final payment which would normally be due two weeks before the wedding, but all monies paid are non-refundable. The retainer guarantees that we will hold that day exclusively for you and once we have signed the contract with you, we turn down all other commissions for that date.

> How long do albums take to produce?

They take anywhere from 12 – 16 weeks.

> How are albums produced?

Corinna has an in-house Graphic Designer who designs all the albums. After you have selected your favorites online and put them into an online folder (usually under 100), you let Corinna know by email. She or her album designer will use those images ALONG with the photographer’s favorites folder to design the album. A slideshow is created of the proposed album and is sent to the client. The client is able to type underneath each open spread (two pages of the album opened up to one spread) what they like and don’t like about each spread ( or two open pages of the album currently showing in the slideshow). After all the comments have been made, the client is able to submit their comments for review and a new album slideshow is created. Please allow 2-4 weeks for each album review revisions, depending upon high or low season.

> How many times may I request album changes?

Three rounds of changes (or album reviews) are included in all album designs. After that, billing charges of $40 an hour will begin to incur. You can make as many changes in each album review as you would like, but please try to only have three album reviews.

> Do we get the high resolution files and can we print from them?

Yes! Along with the proofs, a flash drive with all your edited images will be delivered to you or a link with a download will be sent to you. These are your digital negatives. You have the ability to produce unlimited personal reproduction and copies of the images for your friends and family. Corinna Raznikov Photography does retain the right to use the images for promotional purposes, competition and professional review. If you do publish the images on a blog or magazine, please make sure to credit Corinna Raznikov Photography.

> Do you come to the Rehearsal?

You may hire Corinna Raznikov Photography for rehearsal dinner coverage. If you do not hire Corinna Raznikov Photography for Rehearsal Dinner Coverage, she will not be attending the rehearsal.

> How long should I leave in my schedule to get dressed?

After all the bridesmaids and moms are completely dressed, the the bride should get dressed. This includes dress, shoes, veil, accessories, etc.... Corinna generally feels that brides need one hour. It sounds like a lot, but if anything goes wrong, you’ve got a little wriggle room for time.

> What is the number #1 thing that drives you crazy?

Absolutely it is when makeup and hair run over schedule and eat up my scheduled-in photography time. I’m a very fast documentary photographer and normally I only schedule 15 minutes for portraits of the bride, her family and bridesmaids after the bride is ready, but it is amazing to me,
how many times, I lose that window and am asked to make it up somewhere. There is nowhere to make it up. This is when the bride and everyone looks their best. It shouldn’t be rushed.

> What is the number #2 thing that drives you crazy?

Ask me on the phone and I’ll tell you. I don’t want to whine too much here.

> How do you figure out your shot list of people to be photographed at the wedding?

I send out two questionnaires before the actual wedding. Even with that information, I find it helpful to have an official 30 minute chat on the phone about two weeks before the wedding to go over the information. It’s amazing how many details come out over an actual phone conversation, rather than just a questionnaire. I then make a one page master list of all the formals, reception wish list shots and schedule. I make 4 copies of it for the wedding day.

> Where are you located? Do you travel?

I live in Marion, MA and I do travel. I’m 45 minutes from Boston, Cape Cod, and Newport RI. Those are my main shooting areas. Besides MA and RI, I often shoot in Maine, Connecticut, New York and Vermont. As long as a wedding location is under two hours from Marion, MA, I do not charge a travel fee. I have been flown to Mexico, Ireland , the Dominican Republican and several US locations for weddings and I’m happy to do so again. Just ask!

> How do you bill for travel?

If airfare, hotel and rental car are needed, you are responsible for a direct reimbursement of those charges. If the drive is over 2 hours to your location, I charge $50. Per hour for the extra driving.

> How do you stay organized on a wedding day?

I am a huge believer in lists for weddings days and in life. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I make a list. It is extremely important to make lists of all the things one wants to accomplish on a wedding day and keep on checking them off, until you have done it all!

> What do you love most about weddings?

I love capturing all the genuine real emotions between people and telling an authentic story of the day.

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